It is crucial that the thatch roof construction complies with good thatching practice, as fire performance is also dependant on the construction of the thatch. This ensures that when the roof is sprayed with THATCHSAYF it will maintain its integrity in resisting the ravages of fire for sufficient time to allow fire‐fighting services to arrive or for in‐house fire fighting to commence.

Quality control procedures are kept of a high standard and all batch numbers of material are recorded for each contract and Active Fire and the C.S.I.R for each completed job keeps copies of certificates.

Spraying THATCHSAYF is undertaken by Active Fire’s approved and trained applicators ensures that correct pressure and minimum quantity of 1,3 litres per m² is applied to the thatch. THATCHSAYF is easily applied by means of high pressure spraying equipment to both the interior and exterior of the roof surfaces. Spot checks on completed roofs are made by the C.S.I.R.

As the application of THATCHSAYF is to provide vital protection in the event of a fire, Active Fire offers a certificate for each contract.

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Active Fire THATCHSAYF is a water‐based solution of fire retardant and intumescent chemical in a polymer emulsion binder formulated for the protection of thatch roofing.

Insurance certificate available
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